Real estate

Labor costs are under control

Control your labor costs, minimize overtime, and improve staff management processes. Staff may be assigned to plants and facilities that operate 24/7 and have unique processes and complex rules for on-call, overtime, callouts, shift bidding, and fatigue management. Also, the laws are complex and penalties are high. Such a situation requires special attention to detail. Workforces.AI records accurate timesheets and automate wage calculations. The system takes into overtime, meal break rules, rest between shifts, week hourly count, number of consecutive workdays, etc. Your spending on labor costs under the control of the system. You do not need to keep in mind extra details. But even if you want you can look at Workforces.AI reports and spend forecasts. Every moment all past, present, and future costs at your fingertips.

Closest employees save cost on logistics

In real estate, we have facilities all over the city. Staff logistics can be complicated, and expensive. The optimal routes in our software are created to change the situation. Workforces.AI analyzes the venue address to pick up the closest employee. For application, it’s one more criterion, for business money saving. The staff gets to facilities approximately twice faster. Faster starts doing work faster can move to another object. The automatic schedule in Workforces.AI excludes scattered throughout the city venues. Better select staff who prefer definite areas and give them a roster with these area venues. We know it now and how it is time-consuming for a manager. Rely on automation to make planning faster and easier.

Schedules and rosters without messages and phone calls

Do you like to send schedules out by text messages or phone calls? That is a necessary but tedious job. What if somebody else will do it? Workforces.AI has trigger notification after schedule creation also it gives notification in other situations for example to figure out staff available time, changing shifts, etc. You no longer need to notify employees yourself. Furthermore, the system will notify you and other managers. So now keeping all the information in your head is not your concern.