Automatic schedules and rosters by artificial intelligence

In the hospitality area of business, it’s always been important to create the right schedules and rosters – with enough staff, with time balance, and considering load periods. Your guest should feel only an incredible service that is not affected by mistakes on schedule planning. Accurate shifts create automatically so that protect your restaurant, cafe, hotel, or another business. As a manager, you only remain to push the button for a new shift, select the role and quantity of necessary employees. All other actions such as staff selecting. notification, balancing based on experience, Workforces.AI makes them automatically according to its algorithms. Allow your business to focus on giving an unforgettable experience to your guests while we focus on the best schedule experience for your business.

Labor costs are under control

Control your labor costs, minimize overtime, and improve staff management processes. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other hospitality depend on labor laws and taxation. The laws are complex and penalties are high. Such a situation requires special attention to detail. Workforces.AI records accurate timesheets and automate wage calculations. The system takes into overtime, meal break rules, rest between shifts, week hourly count, number of consecutive workdays, etc. Your spending on labor costs under the control of the system. You do not need to keep in mind extra details. But even if you want you can look to Workforces.AI reports and spend forecasts. Every moment all past, present, and future costs at your fingertips.

Simple replacement saves about 1 day of work

Whether an employee needs to request to drop or trade a shift, enough only set it in their schedule. The system replaces the employee and notifies the manager about the action. Managers don’t need to find the optimal change, arrange with the staff, or need to spend time in the cause of emergency replacement. Workforces.AI makes it possible to use smart scheduling which is convenient for employees and managers. The service process is improving, the happiness of staff is increasing and this leads to strong guest satisfaction. Because a better process you have gives a better experience to their guests.