Gig workers

Simple replacement saves about 1 day of work

Whether an employee needs to request to drop or trade a shift, enough is only to set it in their schedule. The system replaces the employee and notifies the manager about the action. Managers don’t need to find optimal change, arrange with staff, and spend time in the cause of emergency replacement. Workforces.AI makes it possible to use smart scheduling which is convenient for employees and managers. The service process is improving, the happiness of staff is increasing and this leads to strong client satisfaction. Because of a better process, you give a better experience to the clients. That is especially important when we talk about gig-workers.

Schedules and rosters without messages and phone calls

Do you like to send schedules and roasters out by text messages or phone calls? That is a necessary but tedious job. What if somebody else will do it? Workforces.AI has a trigger notification system, so You no longer need to notify employees yourself. Furthermore, the system will notify you and other managers. From now on keeping all the information in your head is not your concern.

Automatic schedules and rosters by artificial intelligence

Work with gig workers has many important details you should be aware of. Managers need to know about the availability of the staff, about time balance, and considering load periods. Your clients should feel only an incredible service that is largely affected by mistakes on schedule planning. Accurate shifts can be created automatically to protect your business. As a manager, you only need to push the button for a new shift, select the role and quantity of necessary employees. All other actions such as staff selecting. notification, balancing based on experience, Workforces.AI makes schedules and roasters automatically according to it’s algorithms. Allow your business to focus on growth, while we focus on the best schedule experience for your business.