How Tradershift users can benefit from integration with WorkForces AI

Using WorkForces AI in integration with other products can provide new value to users. For example, we will figure out with TraderShift + WorkForces AI integration today.

We are going to look at how it works and where are benefits to customers. Through the use case, it will become clear how you can use both apps to improve the value of your business.

Firstly, I will notice the software that will be discussed:

WorkForces AI is a web-based solution that helps manage the overall staff allocation process. WorkForces fully automated staff scheduling routine.

Tradeshift is a cloud-based business network and platform for supply chain payments, marketplaces, and apps. Users of the platform can sell goods into the Tradeshift marketplace. In that case companies inside platform divided into Sellers and Buyers

What did we achieve from WorkForces and Tradeshift collaboration?

The Tradeshift Sellers can create a bundle of goods that include services. For example, they sell supplies for events (like tables, tablecloths, stationery, etc.) and offer include delivery and table setting. Bundle publishes on the Tradeshift marketplace. Byer can find the necessary goods set and bye it. How a seller will plan services and agreement with the buyer it was outside the Tradeshift application. Before we integrate Workforces. Now Seller easily plans staff to service and the buyer can note the work date. WorkForces AI algorithms allocate, notify, and create the best shifts. Therefore Sellers get benefit from save money and time for shift planning. The staff scheduling routine is fully automated. Tradeshift users can focus on the trade process, by providing planning of services to WorkForces AI.

Today we go through the process and will figure out the integration flow that helps customers do a better job and save money.

In the beginning, Seller combines the bundle with supplies and services. In that case, the person sells complex goods, average check increase.

Seller prepares a bundle card. Add texts, field information, etc. Then the card is approved to the marketplace:

WorkForces AI gives a new level of automatization. Bundle services are forming shifts without human help. WorkForce AI allocates staff, optimize schedules, and notify all participants. You can cut costs to employee shift planning. All routine happens automatically, Seller is only needed in atypical situations. Users should do simple customization to make integration worked.

Seller uses button WorkForces AI in the Tradeshift interface:

That how he/she gets to WorkForces AI application. To use collaboration features we need to set simple settings. It takes only four steps.

Step1 Set Events

Users should choose events that form like shifts. For Tradeshift integration: WorkForces AI Event Type equal Tradeshift Service. They have the same SKU number from Tradeshift for convenience. You just set which events would you like to plan automatically.

Step 2 Set Job Position

Usually, WorkForces AI understands job position from the user industry. Moreover, every company can add a unique position. Use: Settings → Job Position

Step 3 Connect Event with necessary Job positions

When users associate Event with Job position count it helps build schedule automatically. WorkForces algorithm understands how many workers should be to make a job. It searches and adds employees from the company list. Step 3 most important in our way of the TraderShift bundle selling. You can add settings in the event tune-up, go to the Event types menu.

Step 4 Invite Staff

WorkForces AI sends an invite to the email of your employees. Add them to the base. Choose the right one for the shift. The system optimizes hours, available days, people’s preferences to guaranty a better schedule with low labor costs. Thereby we save not only time for the planning but money from overtime tax. After planning WorkForces AI is sending the notification to workers. They only should set up the date of works. And you as an owner only should take action in the atypical situations. Forget about routine schedule planning!

After all four step settings Seller will return to his bundle. Now it ready to publish. The set of goods and services is getting to the Tradeshift marketplace.

Then the prepared bundle waits for Tradeshift Buyers.

Buyers find what he or she wants. Fill information on the product card. Add address, comment, whatever Buyer wants. Furthermore, a person selects if he/she wants additional services. The last step in our bundle is to choose the time of work. Let’s do it all like a Buyer:

The Buyer made an order. Now starting most interesting. Details of order service go to WorkForces AI. The request includes SCU, convenient date and hours of work, commentaries to work. According to acquired information and inner settings (Events and Staff information), WorkForcses AI forms the optimal schedule. In the end, the application notifies an employee that will be participating in the work and the owner (optional). The new shift shows on the dashboard.

Now we know all information about future work. We are sure it will be done at a convenient moment.

Today we looked through Tradershift and WorkForces AI collaboration. Complex flow created to save money to users. Automatic algorithms do all action without human help. All that remains for us is that create bundles and take orders. Start work smarter with our solution WorkForces AI!
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